Welcome to Beachfront Pottery

Under the waves Great White Shark platter
edited yamato
FeedingFrenzy, II
Gulfstream tray

Since 1993

Welcome to the main informational web site of my ceramic studio, Beachfront Pottery!

Beachfront Pottery was born out of my love of oceans and beaches, and of my love of working with clay (read more on the “About Beachfront Pottery” page).

The "Welcome" page is a visual introduction to the variety of my works.

The "Most Recent Works" page shows my pieces from the past few years.

The "Portfolio" pages show my accumulated works since 2006.

Enjoy the portfolios of sculptures, plates, platters, bowls, and wall decorations.

Find the latest updates and reports on the Beachfront Pottery Facebook page by clicking HERE!

Find what's currently available for sale in my Etsy store by clicking HERE!

Contact me if you wish to order any other pieces, and I'll make it for you.

My hope is that these ceramic creations from Beachfront Pottery will bring the spirit of the beach and the oceans into your home.

Robert Kokenyesi,

Ceramic Artist of Beachfront Pottery